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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Excited for Nice Cream recipes ! | English version


Have any one of you or yourself ever wondering ?
"I'm looking for vegan ice cream !"
" Is there any ice cream that is "healthy" , delicious and easy to make it by ourselves at home? "

"I'm craving an ice cream but I can't even eat an ice cream because I'm allergy or lactose intolerant to milk !"

If you're on diet, or trying to eat healthy, you can try on this recipes just using the simple ingredient.
You can make this nice cream with just one ingredients ! It couldn't be any simpler Or at least from one or two of this healthy , sweet or using an organic ingredients. Don't know what to do with bananas that you just bought from supermarket ? Let's transform it to a delicious nice cream ! Great isn't it ? no need to buy the pricey vegan ice cream just because you want it "vegan". "This is" the other way !

What is nice cream? Haven't you heard of it ? This is what most people call it. 

"Nice" Cream - Why? Because the texture of frozen banana turns so nice, looks creamy and when it blended together with other fruits, it will turn to a pretty color make your mouth watering. *go get some tissue please

Vegan Ice Cream - As you can guess, it made from natural and organic ingredients only. Shout out for HEALTHY ICE CREAM FOR LIFE !

Banana Soft Serve - Yeah, the creamy texture and taste from the main ingredients. Frozen Bananas.
There're a lot of recipes on the internet. You can choose what you want or you can follow my simple recipes down below. If you ever trying to search the nice cream on Instagram search engine or even hashtag, its overload ! So much things you can mix up with. You can check it out or even make an experiment of taste and flavor. Yeah, whatever you call it, its the same things.

Let's become vegan nice cream fans follow this recipes because it feels like soooooo heaven when I made this nice cream by myself.Scoop the feeling, creamy taste into my mouth. Ouuww. Like, no additive sugarno dairy/milk.
Dairy Free

D.I.Y Nice Cream . Do-It-Yourself Delicious Nice Cream ! Wuhuuuu, I'm too excited. Yes, this NICE CREAM VEGAN, its a healthy vegan ice cream you'll ever fall in love with ! Natural sweeteness from fruits. Its not like only vegan can have this burst out feeling while enjoying this nice cream. Everyone can make it by themselves. Its so fast and easy. You can count it like 1, 2, 3.

For your information, most ice cream from supermarket/hypermarket are made from cows milk. To feel the dairy taste.

You need to try this because it an easy way to make an ice cream without using any additive of sugar or cows milk because some people have an allergy history to it. Especially to dairy, cow's milk which can cause Dairy Intolerance or Dairy/Milk Allergy.

Like me.
Yes, I'm allergy to dairy/cow's milk. It make my skin breakout so bad ( at the end of 2015). I can't even eat anything with cows milk in it. This is why I think it feels like soooooo heaven when I made this nice cream by myself and enjoyed it without worrying anything. You can even make it as much as you like.

But let me tell you. Milk/Dairy Allergy and Lactose Intolerance are not related at all.
Alright, let's get started.


A powerful food processor or blender ( if you wanna get a creamer taste )

*if you don't have a powerful food processor or blender, you can slice the frozen bananas into coins so when you blend it can turn out creamy

Main Ingredients:
Frozen Bananas

Other fruits:
Fell free to add other flavor or fruits other than frozen bananas to make it more delicious and to get other flavor besides a pale yellow bananas colors. Hahahaha

Other fruits suggestion:
Dragon/Pitaya Fruits

*suits yourself

Don't forget to add your favorites toppings:
Nuts, chopped fruits, seeds, dates, chia seeds, oat, maple syrup, chocolate syrup or anything that you can imagine suite with your taste.

Spoon ( to scoop or dig in your nice cream )

And I,
made my NICE CREAM just using this and what do I like to put in.


(Main Ingredients)
Frozen Bananas -  ( thickly sliced )

Adding fruit:
Dragon / Pitaya fruit
*you can add any fruit that you like, blend it together with frozen bananas.

As for me, I love to add the Sliced Dragon fruits


1. Freeze some riped bananas in your freezer

- Peel off the skin away, slices it into a small pieces. Place them into a container and go put the bananas in the freezer. OR 
you can just put the bananas into the container and freeze without slices it. You can slices it when you're ready to make the nice cream.

2. When they're frozen solid, you can put them into blender/food processor and blend it until you get the same soft texture as ice cream that you really want. 

3. An addition instruction if you want add some fruit for good flavor and color. Get blended together some fruits with frozen bananas to whip up this refreshing vegan dessert in just less than 10 minutes.

Tadaaaa.. its mine and time to dig in !

The ice cream will naturally taste the sweet! Without using any processed sugar. But you can add any natural sweeter like honey or maple syrup if you want. Or even add the vanilla syrup. You can eat it anytime. As a breakfast or midnight snacks. Ouch !

Its a healthier option for life.
Its a very nice and healthy dessert that you can treat yourself with less ingredient and less costing,
I can enjoy eating this nice cream without worrying any breakout/hives on my face, upset stomach. I even quit eating any food that contains any milk/casein for already one year since last year and I'm  happy with it. Always becomes a person who checking the label of ingredients on packaging before buying anything on supermarket because I don't want to end up feeling regret after eating it.

I'll come up with this the same recipes in Malay version okay. Stay tuned.

Vegan Banana Soft Ice Cream
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Terima Kasih kerana sudi membaca entri ni, datang lagi . :)

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