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Monday, 15 December 2014

Soalan biasa


Soalan biasa maybe. 

Waktu dulu-dulu. Second child, third child and so go on selalu akan bertanya kepada parents bila perkara ni terjadi.

" Why Abang/Kakak boleh keluar jalan-jalan outing with their friends and adik tak boleh ? "

When that thing happens, they will answer. " Sebab, abang/kakak dah besar. " (*which is mean, they can take care of themselves.)

But in different situation ( or my situation ) . 
A first child asking that question. 

" Kenape dulu waktu form 3, mama and abah tak kakak kasi keluar dengan kawan even one of my best friends mom yang tolong hantarkan naik kereta? Even my best friends mom is with us which is she will watching us too and u even dont let me out.  Then ? Adik ? She's form 3 now and you can even alowwed her to go out to KL with their friend just go on with komuter ? Sampai KLCC, Sampai Midvalley."

Its about trust actually. 
In fact, I'm not a good in liar and I cant even act in front of parents sebab aku tahu hukum hakam dalam islam. Berdosa menipu. But, I'm a sister. I know what my siblings do and always keep watching on then because it is my resposibilities. I know what they do, where they go. Even they speak true or not, i know all of that. But, why ? Why they more trust to who is liar to them so hard ? 

Just keep watching. Parents siap bagi cadangan to her, "ouh, when you've reach to that place you have to take taxi then take bus. blablabalaaaa... ?"

Tapi dulu, aku ? 
" No, you cant go."
 I've nothing to do while cry all the time.

Bukan nak pertikaikan, but I just want to know the answer ? Why there such so much different ? 

Terima Kasih kerana sudi membaca entri ni, datang lagi . :)

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